Our Company

Our company is made by young professionals focused in comercializing quality products, ensuring long-term relationships.

We are committed as well as in our mission, such as in our values ​​and vision.


Agrocherries provides ongoing technical advice to his group of producers during the production phase in order to meet the growing sanitary demands of international markets.

We emphasize that prevention and compliance processes, which are essential in order to provide a product with the highest standards of quality.

We have cold storage inside the facilities and an efficient network of refrigerated transport, allowing to ensure the cold chain from our plant to the end customer.



Become leaders in production and quality in our products as well, based on corporate principles and through an innovative service in order to establish long term relationships.


-Create value and make a difference.
-Inspire confidence and foster long-term relationships.


-Punctuality: in our operations and responsing time to our buyers.
-Teaming: promote best results working proactively with our buyers.
-Security and Transparency: in our way to operate and communicate with our customers.